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The following books and articles have been published by the Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation, by jobEQ, and by other iWAM Consultants around the world.

Decoding Behavior to Improve Results

After nearly two years of composition, the ultimate iWAM book of the Institute -

Decoding Behavior to Improve Results: Using the iWAM to Unlock Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns 

- is on the bookshelves. Decoding Behavior provides HR and OD professionals as well as coaches and organizations that use the Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) with a comprehensive reference document that goes from the origins of the test to real-world applications. It is a must-have reference for iWAM users!

Plus, it is an incredible value at $49.95 (USD)!        


iWAM Resource Guide

The Institute's Professional iWAM Resource Guide integrates all existing information about the 48 iWAM motivational and attitudinal pattern scales and their implications, plus provides several iWAM versions of Daniel Ofman’s Core Qualities Quadrants for use in interpreting scales. It is truly an invaluable resource for you and your clients too: Professional Edition for consultants, User Guide version for your clients. 
The Resource Guide is available in print or electronic format. iWAM Professional Resource Guide (Hard Copy/3-Ring Binder) now for only $59.00 USD!   


You can find  a collection of iWAM related articles by the Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation, jobEQ, and their global iWAM alliance by clicking here.

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